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Luxury Hand-Poured Scented Candles And Wax Melts

A glance at our work

At V&R Scents, our work goes beyond creating and selling candles. We are looking forward to having our customers create worthy memories with our candles.


Our focus goes beyond a candle and towards creating a lasting and fond memory with a person, a place, and a time. When our customers buy from us, we want them to be reminiscent of fond old memories with the same and familiar scent. For us, our candles are more than an aesthetic.

You can pick up the personal packages boxes as a token of love for your loved ones. There are nine wax melts in each box, each to mark a beautiful memory.

V&R Scents Candle and Wax melts
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V&R Scents

The passion for making candles and memories, by extension, runs in our family. Hence, we present you with V&R Scents. Our years of work in the candle industry have given us deep insights into the quality and categories of wax melts. We found out that almost many waxes melt smell strongly for an hour, and then they tend to weaken with time. It encouraged us to come up with a high-quality blend of wax. Our blend has a strong fragrance, and the scents last longer while it smells amazing.


4A White Ln, Bradford BD6 1AS, UK

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